Henry Who Photography

Bauhinia May 2017 Campdraft was my first experience of this sport. The combination of horse and rider and the luck of the draw unite to make for, not just a great competition but, a great spectator event also.

To order a photo simply note down the Photo ID number or a sequence of numbers while browsing the photo's.
e.g. Current Photo ID = 1730.jpg Just note down the 1730 and e-mail me.
Individual photo's are $5 each - 3 for $10 or any sequence of 5 or more for $25 a sequence. A sequence is any consecutive images from any single "run". E.g. the 1st 16 images on the site (0001 to 0016) are of one competitor on one run. This sequence can be purchased (all 16 images) for $25.

Images are digital copies only. It's similar to buying the negative. You can make as many copies as you like. The images are 6000x4000 pixels and individual photo sizes can be as large as 16MB. Photo's will be e-mailed after payment or for an additional cost posted out on a USB "pen drive."

Cropping can also be done on any purchased photo. An example of what can be done is here.

A HatBauhinia 2017-05A Hat - 33 folders each with approximately 100 images